Thumbprint Signs is a custom sign design, fabrication and installation company. We conceive the design following a meeting with the client, ascertaining their preferences, sign location and budget. All quality control is supervised by myself to ensure what our clients and we have anticipated, is what the client receives in the finished product.
My passion is creating unique sculptural signs, which reflect a company’s product, service and quality. Generally, we use a variety of materials in creating a sign, which adds interest and texture to the visual effect. Metals, acrylics, woods and composite materials are among the materials used. Exquisite attention to detail, quality and creativity has earned us the respect of our clients.
After over thirty years of award-winning expertise in the graphic arts, I decided to concentrate my abilities in signs, as it combines my love of fine art, sculpture, graphics and working in a 3D environment.
Please contact us to discuss how we may utilize our talents to create your sign.
Randall Cohen Randall Cohen
Founder and Managing Director
Thumbprint Signs
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