Thumbprint Corp is a team of award winning producers who specialize in digital media. We use video, illustration, animation, photography, social media, and any other communications medium/format that will connect our client's message to their audience. We are skilled at strategically contracting the best people when a project calls for expertise outside our realms. Our goal at Thumbprint Corp is to produce useful and remarkable digital media which meets our clients needs and goals. Thus, the quality of our work is exemplary, our clients own their content (i.e., no additional fees for raw media or transfer of copyrights), all projects are confidential until released by our clients, and our fees are very competitive.
Synthiea Kaldi — Marketing Director
Ms. Kaldi's passion is leveraging remarkable video with the power of social media to connect businesses with current and future clients. She has marketed restaurants, bars, construction services, educational institutions, technology, software, consulting services, spas, casinos, airlines, cruise lines, clothing, jewelry, gifts, location tours and medical devices, training and services. Her project management skills are a result of building cruise ships and her customer service focus comes from managing passenger relations on cruise ships. Synthiea has published in French and English, winning an award from the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Kaldi received her MBA in Marketing from l'Ecole de Management Lyon, France and her undergraduate degrees are from the University of Washington.
Randall Cohen — Art, Animation, & Signage Director/Producer
Mr. Cohen thrives on solving problems in a visual way, making complex ideas understandable through visual media. With over thirty years of award-winning expertise in the graphic arts, he excels in a wide variety of visual media including animation, photo-editing, illustration (both 2D & 3D), and composite image creation. Cohen's outstanding work in medical illustration and animation has been acknowledged by several Telly Awards. His talents have been employed in patent applications of medical devices and medical/technical training programs. Cohen also has years of experience producing signage and print media.
Moti Krauthamer — Video Director/Producer
Mr. Krauthamer is an Emmy Award-winning television producer/director known for delivering messages with clarity and power. Krauthamer directed the award-winning documentary "Enable - People with Disabilities and Computers." Nearly 100,000 copies of this documentary were distributed worldwide, and it received nine national awards, including two Telly Awards. As a video editor in the Jerusalem bureaus, Krauthamer has worked for the major news networks of many countries, and produced international award-winning television programming for CNN. Moti Krauthamer earned a BFA with a concentration in television and film making from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
David Bolnick, Ph.D. — Medical Media Director/Producer
Dr. Bolnick is an amalgam of scholar, scientist, technology design guru, video & graphics producer and photographer. Bolnick's contributions have been recognized by numerous achievement awards including Vice President Gore's Hammer Award, Easter Seals' Special EDI Award, United Nations Outstanding Achievement Award, Telly Awards, and several software patents. While at Microsoft for 10 years Bolnick designed software, helped to redesign software for use by people with disabilities, served on federal committees on accessible technology compliance, and testified before the US Senate, the US House of Representatives and the Federal Communications Commission on accessible technology for people with disabilities. In 2010, Bolnick was awarded his latest patent in software interface design. In 2012, he co-edited and co-authored the medical textbook, Surgical Guide to Circumcision. Dr. Bolnick is an affiliate Assistant Professor of Urology at the University of Washington - Seattle Children's Hospital.
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