Video & Animation
Thumbprint's professional story tellers use video and animation to convey your message. We work with businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes to create effective training, marketing, fund raising and customer service videos.
Our micro-studio is located in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Here, you can make a short, simple video for your business or organization starting at just $199.
Video Marketing
Unless your audience/clients see and react to your video there is no return on this investment. Let our video marketing division help you create remarkable videos and get them viewed by your current and potential clients.
Medical Media
MedicoLens, our medical media division, has won many national awards for creating effective medical presentations. *WARNING* Due to its graphic nature, this site is for medical professionals & specialists in allied fields.
We design custom signs from concept through fabrication and installation; corporate, commercial, indoor and outdoor.
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