Video & Animation Services
Telly Award Video is the quick and affordable way to gain on-line credibility and expert status. Video is more likely than print to engage your audience and get them to comment, share and link to your content. Subscribe to me on YouTube Subscribe to me on YouTube
Our prices start at $700 up to $50,000 or even more for complex animations. We work with all sizes of businesses from one person shops to fortune 500 companies.Thumbprint produces animation, documentaries, and videos for fundraising, training, and marketing.
Video Demo 
See some of our amazing video opportunities. The quality of our work has been acknowledged with several national awards including an Emmy Award.
Video and marketing are now synonymous. See a video created to promote a now very successful business.
Video is effective for; introducing a product, orientation within the workplace, or a step-by-step tutorial. Thumbprint's award-winning animations are particularly well suited for medical and technical training applications (see below).
Thumbprint creates a film to communicate the story and emotions. Our award-winning documentaries can be found on TV, DVD, YouTube, and internationally.
Thumbprint's fundraising films have raised millions of dollars. By connecting with the audience, one of our films helped a non-profit raise 2/3rds more money than expected.
In highly complex technical and medical situations sometimes video can't show what needs to be seen but, animation can. Our award winning team produces animations for medical, legal, and technical videos.
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